1st Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry:

Intelligent Dentistry 2024

April 26th and 27th | University of Algarve

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National and international speakers

12 partner brands

2 days of knowledge sharing and discussion

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Dentistry, like other areas of Medicine, is in a process of transformation and evolution in the usage of digital tools and artificial intelligence.


In this scenario, the "Intelligent Dentistry 2024" Conference' mission is to be a catalyst for innovation and progress in this area, expanding the latest developments.


With national and international speakers, this Congress will function as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, where the goal is to publicize the most innovative results of the symbiosis between artificial intelligence and dentistry.

Teresa Vieira e Brito

Conference President

Scientific Program


April 26th- Friday

Room 1

Room 2


Florin Cofar

Adam Nulty

Patrik Zachrisson

Quintus van Tonder

Fábio Guimarães

João Fonseca

Júlio Fonseca

Margarida Henrique

Andre Chen

Chris Lefkaditis

Organizing Commission

Teresa Vieira e Brito | Nuno Rocha Jorge | Dilson Vieira | Humberto Santos Silva | Luís Bento Ferreira | Gracinda Ferreira Magalhães | Geziel Oliveira | Paulo Cella | José Carlos Cruz | Abílio Martins | Octávio Ribeiro

Scientific Commission

Filomena Salazar | Hossam Dawa | José Manuel Mendes | Carlos Aroso | Luis Monteiro | Ana Sofia Vinhas | Joaquim Moreira | Paulo Novais | Leonor Cancela | Inês Araújo | Helena Leitão | José Maia Neves | Cristina Braga

Scientific Partners


1st Phase - Early Bird

2nd Phase

3rd Phase

On the day

1st Phase - Early Bird

Until January 31st

Students: 40€

Graduate (after 2019 included): 60€ 

Graduate (before 2019): 80€

2nd Phase

Until April 10th

Students: 60€

Graduate (after 2019 included): 80€ 

Graduate (before 2019): 120€

3rd Phase

Until April 25th

Students: 100€

Graduate (after 2019 included): 120€ 

Graduate (before 2019): 140€

4th Phase

On the day of the conference

Students: 120€

Graduate (after 2019 included): 140€ 

Graduate (before 2019): 160€

Add Lunch: 15€

Add Lunch: 15€


Grand Auditorium of the University of Algarve - Campus de Gambelas | Faro

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